The days are gone when bamboo ladders were used for almost all purposes. Now the time is to opt for Aluminium ladders which are obviously more durable and technically well made. Among various Aluminium Tower Ladder Suppliers in the market, BOB Engineering is the pioneer one offering a wide range of ladders specifically designed for various purposes. The best thing of these ladders is its light weight nature.

Why is BOB Engineering known as the best Aluminium Tower Ladder Manufacturer?

The company offered highly durable, strong and anti-slippery ladders are the most common cause of the company’s popularity. All these ladders are mobile and folding in nature which them easily carriable. We are the most acceptable Aluminium Tower Ladder Supplier for ONGC, HP, TATA, Jindal Steel Works and several other large industrial units. If you are willing to buy the best Aluminum ladders at reasonable rate then just visit the website

Features of the Aluminium Ladders

Product Range and Specifications

As per the requirement and applications, BOB Engineering are engaged in manufacturing complete range of aluminum ladders. The product range and specifications are as follows:

  1. Aluminum Tilting Tower Ladders - height when folded - 10 to 24 feet and can be extended up to 17 to 60 feet when open and basically used for working on towers
  2. Aluminum square type tower ladder
  3. Aluminium Wall Mounted Extension Ladder - available in various sizes and applicable
  4. Aluminum Self Supported Ladders -
    1. Extension Ladder with big Iron wheel
    2. Extension Ladder with small wheel
    3. Extension Ladder
  5. Aluminium Trolley Step Ladder
  6. Aluminum Flat Step Ladders
  7. Aluminum Self Support Pipe Step Ladder
  8. Aluminum Single Ladder with Flat Steps
  9. Aluminum Pipe Step Ladder with Hook for painting walls.
  10. Aluminium Baby Step Ladder
  11. Aluminum Rope Ladder

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