The BOB Engineering has its own place in the manufacturing and supplying of Hydraulic Scissor Lifting Tables which are available in Battery Operated and Electric Operated form. These tables are being used for various industrial purposes like loading and unloading, moving heavy objects from one place to another and so on. The high durability and stable designing make these lifts the first choice among the customers. We use best quality material and latest technology during production. These lifts are well equipped with control valve and control panel operation for controlling the speed during lowering and raising of the table. 

Altogether there will be 3 types of Scissor Lifting Tables, which are:

Hydraulic Scissor Lifting Table

These are powered by hydraulic motors and have the ability to lift heavy weights and cover the higher distance. Because of excellent durability and varied applicability, this has become the first choice among buyers. These can be used for two and three Wheeler lifting, Electrical and Building roof maintenance etc.

Battery Operated Scissor Lift

We at offer a variety of adaptive handler with various limits and reaches. lifts effectively move through indoor situations with cleanliness. These are being used in Automobile Industries, at Airports, in small manufacturing units etc.

Electric Operated Scissor Lift

Electric Scissor Lift Table is available in various specifications and especially developed to be operated in warehouses and godowns. The lift operates smoothly with long working life and high performance. Material lifting capacity is excellent with the extra large platform. With higher load bearing capacity, the lift can go up to a height of 15 meters.

Features of Scissor Lifting Tables